Anatomy Scan

We had our anatomy scan today.  I have been waiting on this day for exactly 8 weeks.  I can’t even begin to explain how nervous I was about this scan.  At 20 weeks and 5 days, I still had yet to feel definitive movements.  I have read all over the internet about women feeling their babies moving at 17 weeks and by 20 weeks they are talking about their baby doing karate and seemingly never keeping still.  I was nervous there were something wrong.  When I would get too worried I would remember to give it to God.  Sometimes that’s so much easier said than done.

Well, our appointment time finally came.  I went to the front desk to check in and the receptionist asks has anything changed with my insurance and she tells me she’ll need to see my insurance card since it’s a new year.  I hand over my insurance card and she tells me to have a seat.  My husband and I sit down and wait.  Two other women come in and seem to check in with no problems.  I whisper to my husband, I hope nothing is wrong with my insurance.  He assures me that there’s no problem.  I then start to worry about whether or not I accidentally opted out of medical insurance when I completed my benefits form at work.  The receptionist then asks me am I sure there have been no changes to my insurance.  I tell her that I didn’t get a new card or anything and ask if there is something wrong.  She says the lady is still calling and tells me to go ahead to the radiology area and she will have the lady keep trying.  So of course I’m freaking out now.  I really need insurance.  I start wondering if maybe there was a problem with the system at the dr’s office.  So I decide to log in from my phone and view everything.  I look at the app and it says that ultrasounds will be $200.  $200!  What in the world.  We are on a budget.  I didn’t plan for $200 for an ultrasound.  Then I start to think okay, maybe the app is just showing out of pocket costs for those without insurance.  So I decide to look at other services and they only show a $20 co-pay.  So of course by this time I’m panicking.  I can call my insurance but something tells me this is an issue I will need to have cleared with my job.  It’s Friday and I won’t be able to talk to my job about it until Monday.  That means I’ll have all weekend to worry about this.

Then the technician calls me to the back.  I get undressed (I was so hoping I wouldn’t have to do that for this appointment but I did.  As I put everything up and go to the waiting area, I  start to get a little excited about seeing out baby.  Then I think about the insurance and just get really irked.  This was supposed to be an appointment where I had my fears eased.  Now I just have new worries.  Then I remembered to give it to God.  This was a happy occasion for us to see our baby.  And learn if our baby really is a boy.  Sidenote:  We had an ultrasound a few weeks ago because I had persistent pain from fibroids.  The technician said it was a boy but she was never able to show me the potty shot.  So in the back of my mind I suspected that maybe she was wrong.  

The technician called me to the ultrasound room and we stopped to pick up my husband.  As we walk to the room, he grabs my hand and tells me everything is okay because he knows how I worry.  I lay down on the table and by then I really really really have to pee.  They told me to drink 20 oz of water 45 minutes before the appointment.  I had been drinking water all day, but 45 minutes before my check in time I downed 16 oz.  It’s now been an hour and I really have to go.  The technician explains to me that she has to take a bunch of measurements first and then she will let me see my baby.  I think to myself, well why can’t we just both watch together.  I’m anxious to see my baby!  So, she starts the ultrasound.  She tells me my bladder is really full and she’s just going to measure my cervix and then she’ll let me go relieve myself.  Whew!

So I come back and she starts looking at the baby.  The screen is turned away from me so I can’t see anything.  The technician is taking her measurements but she isn’t saying anything. 😦 I close my eyes and pray.  Many would say that if there’s no heartbeat at this point it’s too late, but Jesus raised Lazarus so I know God can perform a miracle here.  I open my eyes and look at my husband he gives me the thumbs up so I breathe a sigh of relief.  Now I just want to see my baby.  After about 15 minutes of silence, the technician asks me what I think I’m having.  I tell her a boy based on my last ultrasound but I that I didn’t get to see.  After about another 3 or 4 minutes she turns the screen around for me to see.  And I can see clear as day that it’s a boy!!!  I was so happy.  While the previous technician was 95% sure, the auditor in me had to see it for myself.  And boy did he make sure I saw it.  

She left the room to write up the report and let the technician in training do some scanning.  It was amazing.  We got to see our son in there just chilling.  He didn’t move much, but we saw him wiggling in there.  We were trying to get a good profile shot.  His face was smushed up against the placenta so it was hard to get some contrast for a good profile shot.  Then I guess he had just had enough because he turned his back to us. LOL.  The technician had me roll over and we got to see his profile again and saw him chomping away on something. LOL.  It was the cutest thing ever (at least for us it was).  Then the technician went down so we could see his feet and toes and our little man pulled his leg back and let out one big kick!  I didn’t feel a thing.  I asked the technician where my placenta was and he let me know that it was an anterior placenta.  That explains why I wasn’t feeling any kicks.  What a sigh of relief!  *Whew*  

So, the tech-in-training went to see what was taking the other tech so long to write the report.  Then the worry started again.  I told my husband something must be wrong with him and that’s why she’s taking so long.  After another 10 minutes my husband pops his head out and another technician tells him we should just sit tight and they will let us know when we can leave. About 5 minutes later the tech-in-training tells us we are free to go.  

Now I’m sad again with worry.  What could be wrong with him?  Did God not hear our prayers.  What is He trying to show us here.  I can’t take another loss.  As I’m changing back into my clothes the technician tells me that my report should be ready in about a week and if they don’t call me I need to call them.  So, I tell her okay and she tells me congratulations.  Now, I’m extra panicked.  Why couldn’t she just tell me everything is okay?  Then she comes back and asks when am I meeting with my dr.  I let her know that I was heading straight over there, and she said okay that is good.

I tell my husband what happened and try to prepare  him for bad news.  He remains optimistic.  I so love this man!  I head over to the dr’s office but before I do I check in with the receptionist and make sure everything is okay with my insurance.  She assures me that everything checked out fine. Praise God!!!

The dr calls us in immediately and I go to pee and she takes my blood pressure and all the usual stuff.  We hear the heartbeat on the doppler.  He’s beating strong in the 150s.  I’m happy but still a little nervous.  Who am I kidding?  I was a lot nervous.  I saw the heart beating on the ultrasound hearing it on the doppler didn’t really ease any fears.  

Then the dr comes in.  She’s so cheerful.  She sits down and says so… are you excited about this big baby you’re going to have?  I was like huh?  She says, “Yes, your baby weighs 15 oz. and that’s over the 90th percentile.” Uh-oh.  He’s too big.  90th percentile?  They don’t even go higher than that.  What’s wrong with him?  I think she saw the worry in my eyes because the next thing she said was, “But his anatomy is perfect!”  Oh thank you Jesus!  Thank you God!  Thank you Holy Spirit!  She tells me to cut out the pasta, rice, bread and juice.  I’m okay to eat cereal in the morning so that I can get my calcium in but that’s it.  Only one bowl a day.  I can do that.

The rest of the appointment went smooth.  So I must cut out the carbs.  This is going to be hard, but anything for my son. 🙂 


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