Calm My Anxious Heart

I follow a few people on twitter and one person in particular was posting a lot of great quotes.  I asked her what book she was reading and she said she was reading, ‘Calm My Anxious Heart” by Linda Dillow.  I kept saying I wanted to read the book, but I kept putting it off.  Well, today I pulled out my Kindle and bought the book.  I figured this would be a great place to share some of the things God reveals to me through this book.  I didn’t read what it was about or anything.  Just purchased it based on the quotes from the book.  

So, if anyone is reading this book or you’ve read it, I’d love for you to join in with me.  There are 12 chapters and they are relatively short, but I’m thinking I can read a chapter a week and make my way through the book like that.  Let’s see what God teaches us!


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