All I Need

I am officially in the two week wait, and my spirit is down. I don’t know if I’m subconsciously trying to protect myself from the hurt and pain of another negative pregnancy test. But I am reminded that no matter what the outcome is, God is here for me and He will protect my heart. So, I can have faith and rest assured that God completes me not a baby.

Here’s another song that helps me out when I’m in moods like this.


Alwayness of God

Today I started my period.  I thought I was okay until I browsed Pinterest and saw a picture of a woman holding a baby.  I broke down.  It hurts, but I know it’s just not our time.  His timing is perfect, and I respect it. 

No matter how many times I face disappointment (lately it seems to be every 27 days), God is always there to comfort me.  I was reminded of a beautiful Yolanda Adam song called “Alwaysness” that brought me so much peace.  I’ve linked it below.  I hope it can bring anyone reading this peace.